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New Subdivision
This new subdivision in the wet lands required wellpoint dewatering for the installation of over 8 meter deep sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure, as well as the construction of a storm water retention pond. Both sides of the deep trench excavation required wellpoint systems to relieve artesian aquifer pressures and to dewater the fine clayey silts below to provide a suitable base for the pipe.

Downtown Revitalization
A key part to the success of the $14 mil Kelowna Downtown Revitalization and Downtown Marina projects was to wellpoint dewater the deep utilities and underground storage tank.




Hi Rise Building Raft Slab and Deep Pilings





Waste Water Treatment Plant
The entire site of the new Vernon Waste Water Treatment Plant required wellpoint dewatering. Two wellpoint pumps were used to control ground water levels as the soils were structurally placed and all deep concrete footings, slabs and walls were poured.

Wellpoint Systems
With todays standards of installing underground utilities contractors can't afford to battle ground water. Excel dewatering installed this wellpoint system into highly permiable gravels and pumped nearly 4000 GPM to achieve a dry ditch for the crews.




Hotel Site
This ocean front hotel site required a perimeter wellpoint system to control ground water during the piling and deep center concrete footing installation. Dewatering was also necessary to complete the installation of the structural floating concrete slab. Heavy rains and fluctuating tides kept Excel Dewatering crews very busy monitoring this project to overcome "mother nature " and keep the site free of ground water.

Earth Dam Rehabilitation
To repair this earth dam the reservoir had to be pumped down to the lowest point and then the wellpoint system was installed to dewater the sands below. After excavation was achieved impermeable material was hauled in to re-seal the affected area.

River Diversion and Potable Water Intake Structure
Aqua Dam was utilized to divert the Thompson river for the installation of a new fresh water intake gallery and wet well structure. Excel Dewatering monitored the pumping equipment 24/7 at this project ensuring a dry work area.

Highway Expansion Project
A portion of this $7 mil highway expansion project in Kelowna req'd dewatering. This wellpoint system lowered the water table over 8 feet for the soils work to be completed in the dry.

Pump Station Dewatering




Underground Storage Tank Installation

Reservoir Pumping